Encourage you to dress up

From once-in-a-lifetime occasions to supermarket glam, Kotryna Lenk Design stands for your right to bedazzle yourself and expands the limit of *how many accessories can you wear at once* to infinity.

Unique designs, intricate details and bold statement pieces are here to encourage you to own your creativity and play with it!

Jewellery set of hair clips and earrings

sustainability in versatility

Most of our accessories come in sets: this allows you to wear jewellery pieces individually and combine them differently many times. Get excited over and over again!

Beads, scissors and earrings in the making

Made to order

The majority of our jewellery is made to order especially for you. This allows us to avoid excess stock and creative energy, also makes sure you receive your orders in the best quality.

packaged jewellery box

Eco friendly packaging

All of our jewellery comes wrapped neat paper boxes, 100% recycled paper bubble wrap and compostable mailers. Stickers peel off easily, so you can reuse all parts of the parcel yourself!


Kotryna Lenkauskaite

and I'm the designer and maker behind Kotryna Lenk Design.

I'm also the social media manager, the graphic designer, the occasional stylist and the wannabe SEO specialist here. I am a one-woman b(r)and! I merged my fine art background and textile design studies to create this artistic jewellery brand and promote bold fashion choices (also to keep reminding you that your earrings are NOT TOO BIG).

Every piece is thoughtfully designed, carefully beaded, safely packaged and sent to you by me. I hope you feel the love I put into all of the pieces and enjoy wearing them!

portrait of Kotryna Lenkauskaite
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