10 Questions for a Jeweller: Karolina Turonok



10/28/2021 2 min read

Alluring textures, immaculate details and the never ending shades of green - that is the dreamy jewellery and art world of Karolina Turonok.

Her embroidery creations go all the way from large embroidery hoops to tiny little pendants, ranging from photo-realistic images to natural abstract pieces. I find Karolina's artistic aesthetic so warm, honest and inviting!

I wanted to see what goes behind the scenes, so I asked Karolina 10 questions. Dive into her world of thread painting (god I love this term!), curly bangs and the total freedom of creativity.

jeweller karolina turonok
THIS OR THAT: Gold or silver?

I am definitely team gold! I used to be a complete silver fan, but it has changed over the years for sure. That being said, I am looking into introducing silver to my creations too.

What was your newest creation?

It’s actually an aerial necklace! It was a completely random creation, where idea was born as I went with each stitch.

unique pendant
A process or a technique that you enjoy using the most and why?

I love random abstract stitches that create raised embroidery. Also the thread painting technique. I just cannot resist recreating real pictures into as realistic as possible embroideries.

embroidered pendant
embroidered necklace
Fictional character whom your jewellery would suit best?

I am just gonna go with Anna from frozen 🙈

What was the first accessory you remember wearing?

Oh, actually as a child I used to love hair clips, so I would put gel on my fringe, curl it and put a hair clip in, so that I would get a curly fringe 😉. Then I had my ears pierced at 7.

You are late to a fancy dinner party. What bling do you grab before leaving home?

Studs and a necklace!

LOVE OR HATE: toe rings

Total hate 😃

A past jewellery trend that you would like to bring back?

Oh that‘s a tricky one! What‘s even trending?

What‘s the embroidery technique you dislike the most? (Cross stitch, french knots, etc.)

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I am not keen on cross stitch whatsoever. It seems like very limiting to the freedom of creating and I actually go “out of plan” a lot when I embroider (and I love it 😉 ).

embroidered pendants
FINISH THIS SENTENCE: You will never see me wearing...


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