It's Just a Regular Friday. Ask Yourself These Questions Before Checking Out



11/9/2021 2 min read

Hi! How did you find this post among all the discount announcements on your news feed?

While I'm sure some of us became absolute professionals of online shopping during the pandemic, #kotrynalenkdesign invites you to think twice before clicking 'check-out' this Black Friday weekend. Here are some tips for a more sustainable approach to this shopping madness👇

Before adding your items to cart, ask yourself these questions:

1. Did I want this last week? A day/ an hour ago?

Craving for that perfect something for weeks and then catching a huge discount for it is THE BEST FEELING EVER.

But if you only thought about buying that super trendy something the second you saw it – think for a minute, even better, sleep on it. The discount will not go away that quickly (I mean, it's not even a Black Friday anymore, it's a Black Month in most cases 🤷‍♀️) and your wall might not be missing a huge macrame hanging after all.

2. Would I consider buying this item in full price?

Or am I only hooked on the discount? If the price point is the only motivation for your purchase, remember this golden rule of conscious shopping: it's not a good deal if you don't need it.

3. Do I already own something really similar?

We truly are creatures of habit when it comes to shopping. Whether it's yet another black turtleneck or 15 pillowcases in different shades of beige, we tend to repeat our favourite purchases without even realizing it!

Review your closet/jewellery box/drawers/shelves and see if you already own a similar item. Perhaps a few stitches, a piece of ribbon or some paint would make it look like that something in your cart at the moment? Add some creativity to your free time with an easy DIY project or a fun styling game.


Be exact. What clothes am I going to style it with? Which EXACT shelf am I going to put this candle on?

If you're using this weekend to buy gifts for your loved ones, that's great! Who doesn't love a bargain?
Before grabbing another '5for3' funky pair of socks from *insert a fast fashion brand here*, look for similar items that small brands make:

💚Platforms like Etsy or Not on the High Street are packed full of quality handmade goods that will be carefully crafted especially for you.

💚You will be sure to receive an original piece of work, made attention to highest quality and extraordinary handicraft.

💚Your support will mean so much more to a local business owner, than to a high street brand!

Small makers are compromising their price points, work hours (and sanity, to be honest) to keep up their game in this foolish buying paranoia. Your dedication to quality handmade goods will be appreciated by an always hard-working creative!

And remember: it is just a regular Friday.

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